Wine is fun!

So why can buying wine feel like such a drag?

Enter Little Thing. 

We think finding a great bottle of wine should be easy. With a small collection of hand-picked bottles available every month, Little Thing is a place to drink, learn, and explore in your own way.

We love wines made by real people, for real people. This isn't your big-box grocery store; it isn't the coolest wine shop on Instagram. It's just a little thing we dreamed up: a better, more personal way to buy wine.

We're opening on Beacon Hill in 2024. But in the meantime, we have a small-but-mighty wine club that allows you access to some of our favorite bottles every month. Wine club spots will be limited as we continue to grow, so make sure you're signed up for our newsletter to stay up to date.

  • Dylan Joffe

    She knows a lot about wine.

    Dylan has spent nearly two decades in hospitality, and the last 10 years selling wine in Seattle. As the wine buyer and staff writer for one of Wine Enthusiast's Best Wine Retailers, Dylan tasted thousands of wines a year, championing some of the best lesser-known wineries in the world. Her thoughts on wine are simple: it should be made thoughtfully, talked about approachably, and taste delicious. The center of that Venn diagram is Little Thing. 

  • Katie Thacher

    She likes to drink wine.

    Katie grew up running around her family's small vineyard in Sonoma, where she learned first-hand about the importance of thoughtful grape growing. An MBA and product manager by day, Katie spends her nights tending a not-so-amateur home garden, cooking needlessly ambitious meals, and thinking about new ways to get good wine to the masses.

All our art and design was created by the amazing Erin Wallace.